Links you can’t live without

Trust Center

This is THE myth buster page of the Azure Cloud. Yes, there are some circumstances where local laws explicitly prohibits you of moving a solution to the cloud, but the exceptions are few and you most likely are living on the border with your LCA right now with your current solution. The Trust Center is structured with sections on Security, Privacy, Compliance and FAQ. You will find what you are looking for here

Standard Response to RFx questions for Azure

This document is packed with answers about Azure that you need answering an RFx. Best way is to use it as an encyclopedia and do Ctrl+F on what you are looking for

Supported Microsoft Products on Azure

Just because there is a blog out there (like mine) saying “you can do this on Azure” doesn’t mean it’s supported. If it’s not supported, you can end up in a world of pain if there is a major incident on the Azure datacenter you host your solution in.

Understanding you Azure Bill

Helps you understand the columns in the CSV billing data a little bit more

EA Portal Roles Explained

Virtual Network FAQ

Azure Datacenter ip ranges

If you need to know the complete range of ip addresses that Azure is using, here you can download an xml file describing it. Be prepared for a long list. Also be prepared to come back and download it again, because it can change.